DevelopmentWhat does a website mean to your business online?

At BTG Solutions, we believe your website should be your online marketing executive. This is the reason we strive to develop personalized websites for unique to every one of our clients to reflect business image and meet their online marketing needs.

ConsultingHow do you know what internet solution best suits and meets your business meets online?

BTG Solutions Web Consulting Services resolve this dilemma for you. We bring our expertise acquired over time, insight, knowledge and innovation to the table. With an open and clear mind, we dialogue and brainstorm with you to ascertain the best and most effective technological solution for your online presence.

AdministrationNext to your bank account, your data is the other business asset you are willing to go to any length to protect, with this in mind let BTG Solutions System Administration Services partner with you in making this a reality.

System administration is a vital aspect of business operations. It can be quite expensive to monitor and administer operating systems in an organization.

Knowledge, according to Vijay Sathe, is the set of important understandings (often unstated) that members of a community share in common. These shared understandings consist of norms, values, attitudes, beliefs and paradigms. It is often said that it is essential to create a Knowledge Sharing Culture as part of a Knowledge Management initiative.

At BTG Solutions, as we learn with every new challenge and project - we aspire to spread the what we learn to one and all. It is for this reason that we have established ways and means to share what we know and have experienced. Through our informative blog, newsletter, consultations and occasional talks, we strive to pass on what we believe should be freely available information

We also engage in projects that demonstrate and illustrate what we know. Follow us on social media, read our blog and subscribe to our newsletter and we promise not to disappoint. With effective collaboration and communication, we want to use our sphere of influence to make the industry better in any way we can. 


We were looking for a stand alone system which would provide participants with a complete registration solution and BTG Solutions provided us with the perfect solution...

Baraza JM, The Great Run

BTG Solutions helped us actualize our vision of launching an independent online betting system...true professionals and their after sales support is legendary...

Ian Mbogo, Raia Multimedia


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